Written by:  Massimo Arganese
  Rome, Italy
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  Last update:  10/30/2000


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Little free programs

Little Setup Builder v1
Little Setup Builder v2
Little Setup Builder

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LSB has built all the setup programs
contained in these pages.

Little Setup Builder is a tool for the creation of simplified install programs, comprehending a customizable user interface and the support for uninstall.

Basic features:
LSB assembles and packs an install program, an uninstall program, the files to install, and the support files in a single executable file. The program produced by LSB runs in three steps: it unpacks itself, then runs the install wizard, and lastly removes its own unpacked image.

LSB constructs a Setup program featuring alternative texts in various languages. The Setup program is able to choose the language to use among those available according to the local settings of the OS.

LSB makes use of Windows' basic installation functions; this allows incorporation of the file version identification system implemented through VS_FILE_INFO resources.

Download the version 2 of Little Setup Builder